About Me

From the journey through what is spiritually called the "dark night of the soul", a time of failure and fear, deep inner questions about one's purpose in life can come forth and great personal growth can be birthed...

I am Shamarah. I am co-owner with my husband Graham of The Rock Crystal Shop, the trading name for Without Barriers, established in 2002.

The company started as a business coaching business which it enjoyed less than a year of business before the Franchiser collapsed. We continued for a while coaching and did OK but I knew there was something missing in what made some owners successful and what didn't. And it wasn't just about "do this marketing"; "write that Business Plan", "go set up procedures for the staff to follow". It had to do with what state of "health" was the owner(s) in - and my mental and emotion health was collapsing too...something had to change - but what and how?

And so if you want to read my whole story...

Remy and Me, Shamarah

"Strength is a state of mind. If you truly truly believe in what you are doing, you will somehow find the strength to do it. Do only that which resonates with your heart and you will find a strength and fulfilment you have never known before."   Ambrosia Press

I have lived in Sydney all my life and loved it. I am married but not graced with any children. I have always been interested in people and with thanks to my parents and my work, I have been able to travel much of the world meeting people from many countries and cultures.

After graduating from Sydney University with a BSc, I had a successful career in IT (computing) at IBM and KAZ Computer Services. I loved the industry especially helping companies reshape themselves through technology and teaching people how to enjoy the changes technology could bring especially in freeing us from the mundane.

And finally through ballroom dancing I met and married Graham. But then things took a down turn with massive family bust up. The shock set off a spiral of events collapsing my career and causing me to lose all self confidence. I was run down with trying to help others but feeling like I was abandoned by them when I needed support.

Ten years later after a couple of business flops, unable to conceive children and my marriage in tatters, I'd had enough of life and was seriously wanting a way out. But there in the disaster, I had one very big success - a major financial win selling our home after a joyful time renovating it.

So there I stood four years ago with one big question, "How could I experience such financial and personal disasters in my life, so miserable about the failure I thought I was, that I wanted to end it all? And yet suddenly I could enjoy happiness, a love of life and financial success in one area?

What was I not understanding about how life worked?"

And how the explanations came to me was a very big surprise. Once I allowed myself to connect to teachers who offered new ways of understanding myself and what my mind with its beliefs and fears had created for me, how meditation could calm the confusion, and how to let myself change to create my happiness, I became a conscious creator of a life that makes me happy.

And as I applied these techniques to my own life the rift with my family has been healed and now a healthy relationship grows. My marriage was renewed and daily growing more loving. And now my husband has joined me in the business - well the crystal selling side of it - he's still on the fence about ascended masters and energy!! My health is getting better and better. And Rembrandt , my dog, lets me play mum.

And I have a new vocation of helping others to free themselves from the limitations and barriers we perceive that "life has created for us." It is manifesting through building our business via retail outlets for our beautiful crystals - an shop on-line, market stalls and one in bricks and mortar at St Leonards! All of which allow me to talk with others, channel information and expand them through healing sessions.

I am truly grateful to all those who shared these gifts and their insights with me personally, through courses, healing, music and books. And now I do the same for others through meditation, teaching and therapies. Of course the centre of all this for me is my crystals and Crystal Council. They have help me so much and on so many levels.

My objectives in life are to lead a happier, flowing and joyful life. And to share this with you so you too can create a life with greater health, joy, love, empowerment and inner peace.

Update 2018

We now run three shops in Sydney and are now part of the Sydney MBS event. We continue to meet life lessons and work through the shadows / reflections with the help of our Soul guidance. In 2019 we move St Leonards to Crows Nest. Guided to take the chance and jump to much larger shop as we have "more potential there", we will have more crystals and more activities available to customers. I continue to share experiences with beginners through to advanced light workers and we all continue to be amazed at the "wake up" call that so many now received to embrace the human evolution we are literally seeing and experiencing.

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