Testimonials For Healing Therapies

Here's what clients say about their experience...

"I am now feeling like a whole person again. Shamarah put a lot of feelings and emotion into perspective, walking out feeling light.." LT, Admin

"Just prior to Christmas I was going through a really difficult time with my marriage, Shamarah was very quickly able to re-open my chakras and clear the emotional blockages - with Shamarah's most caring and supportive healing I was able to fully enjoy Christmas with my family, thank you Shamarah" KR, Finance

"Shamarah channelled angelic sounds... so beautiful and connected... I experienced clearing both physically, emotionally and mentally including releaing throat and writst restrcitions... I also felt there was much grounding and earth heart healing..." VB, Yoga Teacher

"For some time I had been experiencing quite a lot of joint pain, my knees in particular. My friend Liz brought me to the Centre where I was introduced to Shamarah. Shamarah very gently took me through a process and it became clear that I had issues dealing with past and future. During the process I was able to release those fears and now I have no pain in my joints. Thank you Shamarah! I am so grateful to you. DT, Charlestown

"I had no preconceived idea of Crystal Dreaming and it was a delight to surrender to a new modality with Shamarah. I drifted between ancient times and more recent times in the half life meditative state where one meets lovely emanations of self." JF, Cremorne

"Shamarah, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience you guided me through yesterday. I have recommended you to a friend to whom I have passed your email details. I hope this is OK. I hope you are able to enjoy the fruits of your practice and to know and experience what your labour does for others. Kind regards" AM, Architect

"... felt at peace adterwards and not physically tired. I was able to sleep wthout waking up. Several days later I was able to the words to calm myself when feeling anxious. THis hadn't happened before. I would recommend it to those who are open to it." LS, Professional Organiser.

"Shamarah, Just dropping a line to say "thank you" for giving me a great session yesterday. It was amazing!!!!" CK, Crows Nest

"I felt fery relaxed during the session and that I could allow myself to be guided whilst feeling totally support by Shamarah and the guides." CW, Teacher

"I found this healing session really suited to my needs. Shamarah has a wonderful fluid approach with her healing and her flexibility allowed me to experience what was best for me at that moment. Her healing style allowed me to feel empowered by the process, gave me skills and information that i could benefit from and use on myself over time, and one that worked for me. Her caring nature, her healing approach, and skills allowed for a holistic and compassionate session. thank u." TJW, Healer

"... About 2 days after this healing I was moving energy through my body and noticed the connection to the earth was much bigger than previous (felt like 3x bigger!) I attribute this to the healing as I know and felt you working with the earth chakras. Life changes are continuing but I am now able to stay reasonably steady through them, much better than I expected to be. Thanks Shamarah!" MM, Healer.

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