Clearings and Blessings - revitalising your House or Office

Are you about to sell? Have you moved somewhere new? And/or do you sense that something is not energetically right where you live or work?

Consider an intuitive, energetic clearing and blessing for your home or business.

Are you experiencing a sense of "something is affecting us here. Something feels 'off'"? Have you just moved in? Have you been through some difficult times? Experience a home/office visit to find what's behind the disruption, clear it and bless you and all.

Just like an energy healing session on your body, your home or office can enjoy a session with your Guides, Crystals and me, Shamarah.

Discover how much nicer it feels to walk into a home that feels fresh and revitalised.

Enjoy watching more business success and harmonious relationships in your work environment.

Some people discover it frees up the energy when their house / business seems not to be "stuck" in moving though to be sold.

Done on location, and with your involvement (and your family if appropriate) we can intuit and bring through the frequency to clear, open and bless the land, building and your family or business venture.

And of course Crystals will be involved!

Sessions are one to two hours in length depending on your circumstance.

Update 2018

These days I don't even need to go to your home. Both of the following approaches have been highly successful for believers and non-believers.

  • I am guided to incorporate the clearing and blessing in a one hour healing session at St Leonards and you also buy some crystals to continue the work.


  • I simply get guided to have you buy the crystals and then give you guidance where to place them (bring a house plan).
    • If you buy a lot of crystals the consult is free. If you don't then its $60 for half an hour.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can help.