Intuitive Self - Sound Weaving Therapy

Enjoy a sound and light weaving and anchor the multi-dimensional you.


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift."
Albert Einstein

Laying in a room of crystals, energy frequencies are weaved around you. The energies flow into all your energy bodies. Be amazed as you watch your past be washed away and your self esteem and abilities expand! 1 hour session.

Come and let go of all that is limiting you!

While you relax on the massage table let the sounds, movements and waves of energy float around and through out your energy body. You will feel accepted and nurtured as the old gives way so you can embrace the new.

The speciality of this practise is that it works mainly with the outer (beyond the aura) energy bodies, chakras, pillars, channels and cocoon. The Ascended Masters, Gaia, Higher Selves, Presences and the rest of the healing team to clear multi-dimensional soul extensions of you that are:

impacting on your day-to day life in this dimension.

ready to expand and be part of All That You Are.

Advanced Spiritual, Light, Energy Workers

This session is particularly wonderful for experienced spiritual workers.

Enjoy a healing session that works beyond the 12 inner chakras to open, cleanse and anchor the multi-dimensional you. Sound and weaving of light frequencies makes this an extra special opportunity to expand to who you really are.

Many tell me of the most wonderful things they see, hear and feel as the session progresses and later are amazed at the opportunities that open up an expansion of their own healing and psychic work!

The recipient in divine order for their being may receive one or more of the following during the session

  • Deep clearing and expansion of the Earth Star and below chakras connecting them deeply to the heart of the Earth;
  • Deep clearing and expansion of the Soul Star and above chakras connecting you to Source and your Presence;
  • Cleansing and re weaving of your aura and cocoon in which you live;
  • Deep clearing and expansion of the pillars to the left and right of your central pillar so your masculine and feminine energies and higher selves can be with you more easily;
  • Resolution of very strong issues from the genetic and multi-dimensional aspects of self;
  • Anchoring of new energies bodies that you are ready to receive as part of your life;
  • Were able to assist GAIA in clearing ley-line stories of abuse while their personal story was cleared.

And along the way you may find yourself back in touch with old unconscious patterns (personal, family or past life) that you can now consciously release so you can accept, respect & trust yourself more deeply.

People have experienced the following changes in their lives

  • Greater ability to connect to Soul/Spirit/Presence;
  • Enhanced senses to feel the subtle energies;Expanded flow of creation, light and love frequencies;
  • Deeper sense of reconnection of the masculine - feminine energies so balance in life was easier.
  • Release of old energy and disconnection causing chronic fatigue coming from opening to spiritual work and being overwhelmed with negative aspects of self wanting to sabotage;
  • Cleansing of unconscious thought patterns and emotional stories that they couldn't walk their own spiritual path and so kept re-connecting to an energetically strong teacher's spiritual path which they knew really wasn't aligned to their divine highest plan;
  • Reduction¬¬¬¬†and even dissipation of guilt and worry about what others were saying when client wanted to move in a non-conventional direction including past life stories involving those in judgement.